It’s a cycling reference and a Monty Python reference (although I chose to spell it slightly differently) all in one phrase – Bigus Gearus. Big gears go faster and faster has a feeling that is more than the actual speed at which we are traveling at the moment. One of the many beauties of cycling is that the absolute and the relative co-exist quite nicely. I ride my bike hard, suffering just as a pro cyclist suffers.  I experience the agony of pushing beyond what I thought my limits were and the joy of the finish line sprint as much as anyone including those who are paid huge sums to ride a bike for a living. The absolute speeds and distances are, of course, drastically different but that is of little consequence to me because I enjoy the feeling and I don’t take myself too seriously. Life should be that way. We should realize we can relate to others, relate to moments in our own way and not take everything so seriously.  Even serious matters needn’t be so completely serious. Seek moments to put it in the big ring of life everyday and go fast because it feels good and allows you to appreciate the effort.