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Underestimated Glory

We’re not so wise when we’re young but that is our opportunity to learn and grow. My cousin Al is one of many who helped me see the light that experience can be if only we aren’t too dim to learn the lessons. Continue reading

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Know the Signs … of a good ride

I recently heard a commercial about the warning signs of a stroke. Certainly a serious matter and, having known people who’ve had strokes, I’m happy to have some tips to help me remain vigilant. I have to admit though that … Continue reading

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Kreme Delite Krusher Ride Tips

About the KDK: for those who don’t ride road bikes, this won’t make much sense. For those who ride but know not of the KDK, listen up. The KDK is the best ride ever ATMO but the tips apply to … Continue reading

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Sunday, March 6th Lately, I’ve been reflecting on decisions I’ve made and thinking about how to move forward. Today in particular was full of reflection. A new job late last year and a long stretch of 14+ hour days, 6 … Continue reading

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Once more from the top

Once again, I’ve gained enough weight to make all of my cycling jerseys aerodynamically efficient (really tight) and as the warm weather arrives I face the truth of dragging that extra tonnage up hills that now seem steeper and longer … Continue reading

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It’s a cycling reference and a Monty Python reference (although I chose to spell it slightly differently) all in one phrase – Bigus Gearus. Big gears go faster and faster has a feeling that is more than the actual speed … Continue reading

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